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Schedule It 4.6

Manage your office more effectively


  • Drag-and-drop hours scheduling
  • Data is very clearly presented
  • Displays information through different views


  • Reporting functions are limited

Very good

Running an office can be a thankless task. You almost need five brains in order to manage employees hours, schedule meetings, monitor staff, plan projects and keep on top of expenses. Luckily, there are a number of scheduling applications on the market, and Schedule It is among the best of them.

In order to meet the demands of managing a busy office the program counts on a large number of tools for taking care of different tasks, each of which can significantly improve efficiency one you've mastered how to use it. There are lots of neat additions that make the scheduling process more bearable, such as a drag-and-drop function, which allows you to click on the start time of an employee's shift and drag a bar down to the time they finish.

Schedule It provides you with a number of different ways of looking at your schedule, including daily, weekly, monthly or yearly views. They can even be colour-coded to make them easier to read. Security and back-up is also taken care of very well and you can apply password-protection and restore data with ease. Perhaps the only thing that lets Schedule It down is that its reporting section is quite limited compared with other similar products.

Overall, Schedule It proves to be a very useful suite that can dramatically improve the efficiency of your office scheduling.

Schedule It is the ultimate in room, people and resource planning software. Any resource can be planned and then displayed in one of 6 different views from daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or the traditional schedule and list formats.

You can use Schedule It to plan and schedule just about any collection of resources or tasks with detailed filtering, reporting, expense tracking, and cost analysis for each. Automatic email alerts and reminders keep everybody informed of any schedule changes.

What can Schedule It be used for:

  • Expenses Tracking
  • Personal Event Planning
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Replacement of your old T-card system
  • Project planning
  • Employee scheduling
  • Room scheduling
  • Engineer planning
  • Job tracking
  • Office rota planning
  • General scheduling

Schedule It


Schedule It 4.6

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